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Jessica E. – 5.0 star rating 7/30/2016

I LOVE working with Denni & her team! I originally enlisted her services five years ago when I moved into Met 1 (Downtown Miami). So naturally, when my lease was up & it was finally time to move on, my first & only call was to Denni. My lease was expected to terminate in Jan. 2016, so we started working in Oct. 2015. She immediately sent me tons of listings that met my specified criteria. Some of her emails & replies were even past 10pm. (She’s VERY dedicated to her clients!) She took me to see a few listings, but I just wasn’t excited about any of the available units. At the time, I decided to extend my lease for another six months & try again in the spring. I was very upset & almost wanted to give up, but as soon as March rolled around, Denni started sending me listings again & kept the ball rolling for me (without me asking or reminding her to send them).
When the time came to visit more units, Denni had an emergency at another property so she assigned one of her associates, Dan Hoffman, to continue assisting me. He also sent me listings to ensure we had the right lineup set up for our visits. At first I thought one of the buildings he sent me was out of my price range (Met 3 – Downtown Miami – new as of April 2016), but apparently he identified that they were offering a promotional rate of one month free. When we visited the building, I immediately fell in love with it. We even stopped looking at other buildings that day. I told him I would think about the price and get back to him. A few days later, I was still mulling over my decision when I received a call from Dan… Apparently the leasing agent at Met 3 had been trying to reach me because the promotional rate was going to expire by the end of the week. I had no idea and I would’ve missed out on the opportunity if he had not called me! (Thank you, Dan!!!) I went online that day to apply & was approved immediately! I am now living in the apartment of my dreams and none of it could have been possible without the attention to detail, professionalism, & diligence of Denni and Dan!!
I highly recommend Miami Real Estate Realty to anyone who is seriously looking in the Downtown/Brickell area! They’re extremely knowledge & will be in your corner every step of the way!