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John P. – 5.0 star rating 1/28/2015

When finally my life’s circumstances permitted me to move to South Beach, Miami Beach, I wanted to search out a realty or rental agent to help me find an apartment to rent. So I search through many real estate agencies in Miami Beach. Some I called and left messages, some I emailed. Of those I called and sent emails, not one responded! But before I contacted one, I Googled their names for reviews. There were horror stories after horror stories about every one in Miami Beach.

In looking through the reviews, I came across Miami Real Estate Realty in South Miami. The reviews were all positive. So I called Denni Jordan, the Broker and Owner. She was so polite and so nice and so accommodating. She said she would put me in touch with Haley Stephenson who handled rentals in Miami Beach. Denni gave me Haley’s contact information, email address and cell phone number.

I emailed Haley what kind of apartment I was looking for and location. Within minutes, yes within minutes Haley emailed me a list of apartments that I was looking for! She did this continuously during the time I was preparing to move. She was very patient with me. Finally we zeroed in on one I really liked. It was still available. So I drove over to Miami Beach and met Haley and we looked at the apartment. It was just what I wanted and located exactly where I wanted to be. Haley promptly took care of all the necessary paperwork and to make a long story short, it was her fortitude that finally clinched the rental.

One thing in particular that especially impressed me about Haley was something she stated in the signature section of her emails: “Only satisfied clients refer others, and I want to make sure I exceed the expectations of every client who passes through our doors. If you know anyone in need of my services, please pass on my name and number. And if I can ever assist you again in the future, please give me a call.”

Well, I am a satisfied client, and Haley indeed exceeded all my expectations! She is awesome and the BEST. If you plan to relocate, or are looking to rent or buy something in Miami, look no further than Miami Real Estate Realty with help from Denni Jordan and Haley Stephenson. You will be extremely satisfied as they exceed all your expectations and display impeccable honesty and integrity.