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Kendra L. – 5.0 star rating 5/31/2012

I had heard about the shady real estate agents in Miami and therefore thought I’d use yelp to find my agent. Miami Real Estate Realty had a 5 star rating from many reviewers and thus I decided to try them out.

From the first point of contact to the signing of the contract, they went above and beyond my greatest expectations. Their best asset is their honesty. I never felt they were trying to make a quick sale. If there was an attribute about a property or building that conflicted with what I wanted, they were sure to let me know before I wasted my time looking at the property. There was no pressure what so ever to buy/rent and I must have sent Denni over a hundred emails in the course of a week and she responded promptly to each and every one, even when it was midnight her time!! If I were her, I would have just told this crazy women to find another agent.. lol

She’s amazingly organized and is always on time which in Miami is hard to come by as the agents are notoriously late.

I made a trip from California and literally had 2.5 days to find a home to live in and was under a lot of stress trying to find the right place. After one day of looking and a change of criteria while I was there, Denni knew exactly what I wanted and found the perfect condo! The second day, we looked at the units she recommended and I fell in love with the property! And to top it off, she got us the property for $100 LESS than what was listed! That’s the thing I loved about Denni is that she’s on YOUR SIDE and will do whatever she can to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of.

I trust both Marc and Denni explicitly and wouldn’t flinch to use them to buy/rent all my homes in the future! I just wish I could take them with me when I leave Miami!!

I can only give Denni 5 stars, but she deserves 10!